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San Francisco, CA 94107

Fountain Therapeutics is a Series A venture-backed company with operations at JLABS MBC-BioLabs. JLABS provides a capital-efficient, resource-rich environment where emerging companies can transform the scientific discoveries of today into the breakthrough healthcare products of tomorrow.

Fountain Therapeutics was founded with the belief that a future in which we live healthier lives longer is more desirable than one in which we continue to be afflicted by the disease of aging.

Fountain Therapeutics is discovering and developing treatments for aging-associated diseases. We have built a transformative model of aging that re-creates many of the complex hallmark features of aging, but in a laboratory dish. We are combining this powerful cellular model with the

latest in artificial intelligence and computer vision to develop a disruptive unbiased platform for the identification of novel targets and potential therapeutics. We work toward our vision of a future in which we extend healthy lifespan and slow aging itself.