About Us

Our Mission

Fountain’s mission is to develop a pipeline of therapeutics that treat the underlying cause of degenerative diseases by utilizing our proprietary technology to elucidate the biology of cellular resilience. By targeting cellular resilience, we are pioneering a new way to treat the many diseases that arise from aging.

lab and team

Our Team

We are leaders in aging research and computation. Our team collaborates and combines our expertise in aging biology and computation to achieve our mission to develop novel therapeutics to treat chronic degenerative diseases.


thomas rando

Thomas Rando, MD, PhD
Co-Founder, Executive Chairman, Board of Directors

joe rodgers

Joseph Rodgers, PhD
Co-Founder, Director of Biology

tom cheung

Tom Cheung, PhD

simon tsang

Simon Tsang, PhD
Chief Business Officer


raj bhatnagar

Raj Bhatnagar, PhD
Associate Director of Computational Biology

conor corbin

Conor Corbin, PhD
Senior Data Scientist

fernando martinez

Fernando Martinez, PhD
Associate Director of Screening

anne pipathsouk

Anne Pipathsouk, PhD
Senior Scientist

ryan zarcone

Ryan Zarcone, PhD
Associate Director of Data Science

Board of Directors

Thomas Rando, MD, PhD
Co-Founder, Executive Chairman, Board of Directors
Ash Khanna, PhD, MBA
Partner, Pivotal bioVenture Partners (US)
Alex Morgan, MD, PhD
Partner, Khosla Ventures

Scientific Advisory Board

Eric Verdin, MD
CEO of the Buck Institute
Mike Cancro, PhD
Prof of Immunology UPENN
(immunology and aging of the immune system)
Gordon Ringold, PhD
Biotech Exec, founder Maxygen, founder Alexza
(legacy member, company building entrepreneur)
Andrew Trister, MD, PhD
Head of AI/Digital at Gates Foundation
(ex-Apple head medical): applications beyond drug discovery 


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Fountain and Lilly have entered into an agreement, enabled through Lilly’s Innovation Solutions, for Fountain to screen Lilly’s novel proprietary compounds in Fountain’s platform with an in-licensing option for Fountain’s future development.

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